About Alternative Investment Trust

Alternative Investment Trust (AIT or the Trust) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and has exposure to a portfolio of leading international absolute return funds and selected direct investments in subordinated debt and equity co-investments.

On the 5th February, 2009, The Trust Company (RE Services) became Responsible Entity (RE) to AIT, appointing Laxey Partners (UK) Limited (Laxey) as Investment Manager on the 23rd of February, 2009.

Laxey now manages the Trust according to a revised investment strategy: to undertake an orderly wind down of AIT, with a programme for the realisation of assets to optimise the return on investments to unitholders.

About The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited

The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited is a specialist fiduciary service provider in Australia and Singapore. With over 120 years' of financial expertise, Trust Company offers additional credibility to registered and unregistered funds. Since 1954 Trust Company has acted as a corporate trustee and custodian, and is well respected and well known in the marketplace as an RE and trustee. Trust Company has been acting as an RE for its own internally managed schemes and for externally managed schemes since the introduction of the Managed Investments Act (MIA) in June 2000.

About Laxey Partners (UK) Limited

Laxey is part of Laxey Partners Ltd. Based on the Isle of Man in the British Isles and founded in 1998 as a globally active value management company, Laxey Partners manages a range of assets and funds for institutional investors. Since its creation, Laxey Partners has led over fifty successful closed-end fund investments, including orderly wind downs such as the mandate for the management of Alternative Investment Trust.