Corporate Governance

The Responsible Entity for AIT will:

  • Act in the best interests of unitholders as a whole pursuant to the Corporations Act, Constitution and Compliance Plan on a day to day basis. This is the most fundamental duty of an RE;
  • Maintain a Compliance Plan pursuant to Part 5C.5 of the Corporations Act;
  • Identify and monitor all deadlines to ensure compliance with statutory reporting requirements on investor reporting, Scheme accounts, tax returns, BAS, TFN, AIIR reporting, amongst others;
  • Ensure that the engaged service provider attends to the preparation and lodgement of the Scheme accounts, tax returns, BAS, TFN, AIIR reports;
  • Engage a Scheme compliance plan, account and tax auditor(s), and other relevant agents;
  • Attend to auditor enquiries in relation to the compliance plan, accounts and tax audits;
  • Sign all statutory accounts and tax returns;
  • Maintain appropriate NTA, resources, compliance reporting structure, licences and insurance to act as an approved RE;
  • Ensure appropriate complaint handling mechanisms are in place and maintain membership of an approved external Complaints Handling Scheme. The RE is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service.